Bolton University: Photo Digital Media 2

It took me a while to get to grips with contemporary photographic images, with their focus on deadpan objectivity and open narrative, but the struggle for understanding was worthwhile.


Display of digital media by Pam Gould

I chose the beaker for the subject of two images.  Interesting because we don’t just drink from them, we also declare our identity and mark our territory with our cup or mug. Above are images showing the deadpan repetition of mugs, isolated from function and environment, and photographed from an identical angle; as the Beckers presented images of the architectural structures of post war Germany.  The items depicted, rather than being the subject, become objects displayed in a collection.  ‘Every’ becomes an important idea – ‘every Staffordshire mug/cup on Google’ – creating a multilayered image after Pruszkowski and Idris Khan.

1-superheroes in kitchen copy no layers

Superheroes in the Kitchen

The final image uses the conventions of contemporary photomedia to subvert the expectations we have of our super heroes, setting them in a cosy, traditional, domestic environment, having a cuppa and chatting.   Open narrative invites the viewer to read the clues an provide their own idea of what it happening.  The image is like a still from a film, taken out of context – we know there’s a story unfolding, but we can’t definitively discern what it is.


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