Raku Firing – Exciting Alchemy

I can see why Celia and Sarah love Raku – it’s instant and exciting, and you never know what you’re gonna get.  Dave told me that vessels needed to be made from crank, robust with no sticky-out bits.  I think I overdid the ‘robust’ advice such a heavy little vessel!  I found throwing crank a tad scary – tales of skinned hands made me tentative, and it was badly done.  I rescued it by finishing it by hand.

Firing was great fun – helped by Kate’s warming mulled wine and delicious homemade cake. What joy to scrub off the black to reveal the crackles and colours! Overall I was very pleased with my finished piece.

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It was a just shame that it came into contact with two other vessels during firing. Interestingly, where the glaze pooled in contact with another vessel it obviously didn’t cool as much before the sawdust, and that area has bronze highlights. The blemishes aren’t too noticeable. Over a month on and my pot still smells delightfully smoky.


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