Likes and Dislike II

Likes and Dislikes is going to run and run.  We only managed to get through 2 presentations – Matthew and Cheryl.  Well done Cheryl for volunteering to follow Matthew, who was as entertaining as ever.  You held your own!  Overall, an absolutely hilarious afternoon.  We could have sold tickets.

What did we learn?

  • one man’s meat is another man’s poison.  There was only one piece that was universally liked, and none that were universally disliked.
  • consider the location and local culture when selecting pieces for exhibition.
  • how one feels about the work or the maker affects one’s preferences and reasons to buy. Matthew had an emotional attachment to some of his pieces, and Cheryl would like to have bought from a person because she liked him.
  • the maxim ‘sex sells’ doesn’t always apply.
  • paying the mortgage requires a businesslike approach to selling your wares.





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