Remnants Exhibition, Hanover Project

I visited the exhibition in the Fine Art gallery, the Hanover Project at the end of last week. Twice in fact, once with Cheryl, once with Celia.  The exhibition was curated by, and featured works by third year students at UCLan and Lancaster University, as well as four alumni and artist, Jenny Steele. What a great opportunity for the students to exhibit with established artists.

Remnants looks at traces, indexical signs of previous use and what has now passed, memory, absence and abandonment.



Jenny Steele‘s ‘Craigiehall to Brackenfell’ (left) and ‘The Green Room &Vaudeville’ (right), are screen prints on cotton, based on research into the Edinburgh Weavers and Printers, Carlisle 1913-1970s.  Personally, I don’t think the presentation does them justice.  While I’m sure the wooden frame references Edinburgh W&P processes, for me they look like tea towels on my Grans old clothes horse that don’t warrant a second look. Interesting prints, shame you can’t really see them.

My favourite work is ‘Kryjowki/Hiding Places’ by Beata Wrobel.  Sadly there was no information provided at the exhibition, so I’m not sure who Beata is.  img_20170209_104154

She has posted the process of making of this work on Instagram.  She says the six pieces are maquettes for large scale structures that people can curl up in.  She intends the different colours to evoke different thoughts.  I love them just as they are.  They work really well together – the scale, the crusty outside contrasting with the cushiony inside, the plain white exteriors foregrounding the form.  I like the relationship between the elements – they’ve been well displayed, and the floor is the perfect place to show the rich colours. They are showing some wear, however – better in ceramic!


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