Rob Kesseler’s Microscopic World

Dave suggested I take a look at Rob Kesseler’s work.  Rob Kesseler is Professor of Ceramic Art and Design at Central Saint Martins, who collaborates with scientists to create beautiful images of the unseen world of plants. He uses an electron microscope to make composite images which he then colours digitally.  Four minute slideshow below. Stunning!


Not always plants – below, Kesseler collaborates with molecular biologist, Dr Melina Schuh, to create glass based on meiosis – the processes of cell division to produce a mammalian egg.

Such a fascinating way to work – I’m envious.  I can see why Dave suggested I take a look. So far I haven’t found any ceramicists who reference Kesseler’s work, except some pics of his 1st year ceramics students’ clay sculptures.  It has possibilities.


Actually I’ve now found quite a few artists who are inspired by Kesseler:

Jo Golesworth Handbuilt Limestone Compound


Michelle Maher Ceramic

Susan Crowell Ceramic



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