Karl Blossfeldt and Ernst Haeckel

Karl Blossfeldt

Lighting designer, Claire Norcross found inspiration in the photography of Karl Blossfeldt. He was a Professor of Sculpture who produced his photos at 30X magnification to show his students natural form.  I’ve just bought a couple of his books on Ebay.

Karl Blossfeldt

Norcross is not alone.  Astrid Dahl and Pauline Lee are two ceramicists who are inspired by his work:

Pauline Lee’s Garden Ceramics

Astrid Dahl’s Sculptural Forms

Ernst Haeckel

Ernst Haeckel, biologist, naturalist  and artist, created wonderful images of the natural world.  Often hand coloured.  Amazing.

Ernst Haeckel

Haeckel provides inspiration for ceramicists Gerhard Lutz and Lisa Ellul:

Gerhard Lutz

Wow, I think these are stunning. Subtle colour, beautiful forms.

Lisa Ellul

I recently saw Lisa Ellul’s work at the Bluecoat in Liverpool.  Really lovely.

Having looked at Blossfeldt and Haeckel, I think there are some elements I could use in my own work.  Maybe there are other high magnification and microscopic images to consider.


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