First Glaze Mix, First Glaze Tests

Dave set us the task to mix two glazes – one matte and one glossy.  I bought bowls for mixing, found my glaze recipes on a US site, checked with Geoff about the UK equivalents and their availability at uni ….. then nothing.  Why is going in the glaze room and mixing a few powders so daunting????


Yesterday we descended on the glaze room en mass – Celia, Sara, Katie, Jane, Kate and I.  Cheryl joined us later. It was a bit ….

Muldoon's Picnic
Muldoon’s Pinic V&A

….. but we all ended up with 2 glazes. My first, a Red Iron Oxide gloss glaze, was too watery, so I’ve left it to settle and I’ll remove some water with a sponge on Tuesday.  The second was a base translucent matte earthenware glaze.  I’ve tested the base glaze one dip and two dip – at last I get to use the tiles we made in October!  A second has Tin Oxide one dip and two dip, the third has Titanium Oxide, one dip/two dips, and the fourth has Black Iron Oxide. If anything, I think the second glaze was a tad thick.  We’ll see.

I think I’m going to enjoy glazing.  It reminds me of a cross between mixing face packs and baking.  Can’t wait for them to see them fired.

Glazing Update:

The sample tiles are out of the kiln.  I have several hues of kacky brown gloss, and a selection of curiously crusty white mattes.  Oh dear!  Tiles – you’re fired!


Thanks for the photo, Katie.


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