Artist Talk: Halima Cassell, Sculptor

Wonderful talk today by ceramic sculptor, Halima Cassell.  She shared her experiences as a BA and MA Ceramics student at UCLan – something we could all relate to, of course.  A project set by Dave on North African textiles and surface pattern was a seminal to her practice.  Her subsequent ceramic work was inspired by Islamic architecture and the buildings of Manchester and Liverpool.  The form was a simple vessel, carved with intricate, repeating patterns based on the square and the triangle. The vessel remains important to her, but her practice has expanded to include wall panels, curves, columns; and she now works in stone, wood, glass and bronze.

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Halima was generous with her time and spent another hour with us, chatting about her life and work over a cuppa and biscuits, and answering questions.  I wonder if any of the students present today will be as successful as Halima?  A memorable and inspiring morning.


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