Designer Talk: Candy Guard, Writer and Animator

A very entertaining talk by Candy, with good advice interspersed by some of her animated films. Candy says she is interested in ‘everyday things, giving them importance’.  I guess she’s best known for ‘Pond Life’, aired on Channel 4 in 1996 and 2000.

Glastonbury: in which the neurotic Dolly gets naked on stage with Bob Dylan

Candy was also commissioned for a series a very short films – just 7 seconds each – for Target Breast Cancer T shirt:


Many of her films comment on the everyday situations we all find ourselves in:

She also has a series of four illustrated books for young teenagers, telling the story of Jelly  Rowntree who, she writes,  is ‘wobbling on the edge of teenage-dom but clinging for dear life to childish things’.


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