Martin Creed at the Harris

I like Martin Creed – his work makes me smile.

‘”It feels like it’s got everything in it, but without necessarily making sense. Things fly in from left, right and centre. There are different ideas, turns of phrase, beautiful pieces of music, catchy bits, but it’s mysterious and I can’t understand it. It doesn’t add up.” This is Martin Creed talking about why he loves the music of the singer Bob Dylan in a 2014 article in the Guardian. It could easily be a description of the experience of entering a Martin Creed exhibition’, so says Manchester Wire about the Harris exhibition.

Actually, I was a bit disappointed.  I went to Creed at the Ikon a few years ago and it was packed with exhibits.  The Harris, in contrast, seemed a tad empty. No stacks, no open/shut door, no in and out forms. Sex had been expunged from the four screens – just people being sick for the people of Preston.

On the plus side, his 2001 Turner Prize winning ‘Lights going on and off’ was there, as was a new video with musical accompaniment by Creed, of people crossing the road in New York:

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Each has their own repetitious rhythm of movement, – just the sort of thing Creed is interested in.

The repeated black stripes and the graded cacti were present.  Can they be the same plants? The same but now whoppers?:

Martin Creed at the Harris

Martin evidently receives some felt pens for Christmas:

Martin Creed

The exhibition includes his 2012 London Olympics work:


5 single brush strokes representing the Olympic colours.  There were more works in the same vane:

Martin Creed

Stacked single strokes of acrylic paint, each layer getting shorter and/or narrower than the last. Like a child making sandcastles, stacking ever smaller bucketfuls on top of one another.

My favourites are the portraits he painted – without looking at the canvas. This is Salvador Dali:

Martin Creed: Salvador Dali

How it made Micaela and me laugh. This was Micaela’s first Creed experience.  I wasn’t sure she’d be up for another, but we are going to book Martin Creed: Words and Music’ at UCLan on April 25th,  It should be interesting!
Permanent Creed installation in the Harris cafe area

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