Group Crit with Dave Binns

We began with a viewing of the glaze line-blends, which was very useful.  I hope we all have time to do triaxial blends next term. This was followed by individual presentations of each student’s work. It was good to see how each person’s work has progressed. Although we take an interest in each other’s work during the term, it’s difficult to keep up with what everyone’s doing.

For me it was particularly valuable to hear the origins of the ideas behind the work.  For instance, I didn’t know that Sara’s development from single standing stone to constructed block forms was inspired by stone tombs – really interesting.  I also didn’t know that Micaela’s biomorphic forms grew out of her 2D response to random marks. The connection to Dada and Surrealism becomes all the more marked – Jean Arp would be proud of her! There is a tension between the Peublo and Islamic patterns she uses, which are replete with History and cultural meaning,  and the form, which eschews cultural influence.

We’ve all come a long way since October – I think we all tend to forget where we started. I know I do. After each presentation we asked any questions and discussed the potential for future development.

Group CritGroup Crit 2

PowerPoint, pots, sculpture – and buffet

It was a long day, and most people had to leave before the final presentations. Patricia and Kate were there as they are rejoining the course next term. Sadly we had no time for their presentations at all.  But it would be best if everyone was present to hear about their work and welcome them into our group. We will then number 14.  What an interesting and diverse Degree Show we will have in 2018 (although I’m not sure how we’ll all fit into the PR1 Gallery).

Personally I found my presentation very helpful.  I hadn’t run the ‘sticking to pod and sphere forms/concave motif’ by Dave before, and he seemed to think it was a good idea. And the discussion about surface finish led to a breakthrough. Exciting times ahead.

I’ve regretted that I didn’t have more advanced traditional clay skills before starting the MA. Today I realised that I’m better without them.  Ignorance has allowed me to develop my own techniques, and allowed me to attempt things I might not have, had I been aware of the technical difficulty. Bliss indeed.

I didn’t have my phone,  so, many thanks to Cheryl for the photos.






6 thoughts on “Group Crit with Dave Binns

  1. So sorry to have missed your pod, concave, sphere presentation Pam – will come for a 2nd take if you have time x

  2. Don’t think you missed much as I’m not very good at this sort of thing. I delegated Dave to do the slides – I only had 6 and it was chaos! You are most welcome to have a private viewing – I could do with the practice.

    1. No probs, Celia. Our dogs come first. Sara, Matthew and I think we ought to arrange informal Group Crits on a regular basis. Review your work and exchange ideas every 6 weeks or so? What do you think?

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