Wot! No small-scale sculpture?

Subtitle: Terry was here!

DAW have been asking when I’m going to do ‘smaller scale sculpture’. I’d made a hemispherical mould from a child’s football, there’s nothing else I can do until the glaze tests are fired, so I couldn’t put it off any longer – smaller scale sculpture.  Perhaps ‘sculpture’ isn’t the word for the outcome. I’d always intended to do the figure, right? Adele thought it looked like Terry Thomas, because of his moustache; Celia thought he looked more like Mr Chad, the wartime cartoon declaring shortages in the UK, and announcing the recent whereabouts of Kilroy in the US. Waddya think?


Mr Terry Chad was not long lived. I toyed with a few ideas to break the symmetry, some of which led to much hysterical laughter. Especially the ‘frog-eye cyclops’ version.

In the end, I decided the sphere form is not for me.  I attacked Terry with my new bat – a gift from Sara (did I ever publicly say ‘thank-you Sara’ for my lovely bat?) Form and cavities distorted, I felt I was getting somewhere.  It went through the Garden Centre phase, when it looked like the perfect garden feature for Alpines.  I wonder if anyone ever said to Tony Cragg, ‘Tony, that would look so much better with some Dianthus planting’  🙂 ?

Further work and it began to take shape.  Wendy had suggested I tried cutting through the side walls of the concave motifs to create trabeculae, so I gave it a whirl.  I would add photos, but I forgot my phone again.  Thanks, Celia, for taking the photo of Terry for me. To be continued…….

The Sphere

Terry didn’t work out, but I’m not giving up on the sphere just yet. To be fair, Terry’s two halves were mismatched sizewise. And plenty of artists make it work:

Besides, I’ve done lots of drawings based on the sphere, so I have to try out a few ideas. Can only get better….


4 thoughts on “Wot! No small-scale sculpture?

  1. Well put Pam…. if I remember correctly there was one of Popeye’ s friends that looked a bit like this, can’t remember his name. But that’s another thought!

      1. Aghh! J Wellington Wimpy! I’d forgotten him. Always a hotdog in hand. Oooo, Wimpy burger bar – can this be the origin? Micaela said my creation looked liked a clown, and Wimpy was a clown.

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