NPA at Lytham Heritage Centre

Lytham is very nice at any time, but especially when the NPA are exhibiting at the Heritage Centre.  I was expecting to see Micaela, who was the NPA representitive for the day, but it was a wonderful surprise to see Bill and Shirley keeping her company.  So lovely to catch up with them.

Lytham Heritage Centre
Michaela Schoop NPA
Lytham Heritage Centre
Bill and Shirley Cribb

Just for a change, I couldn’t find my phone, so I borrowed Viv’s, which promptly ran out of charge.  It was good to see some of Sara’s work in the exhibition.  Colourful pieces inspired by keystones and standing stones.

Sara Fahey

Her husband, Mike, too, showing a selection of his ceramic heads.

The Heritage Centre makes a good gallery space, lighter than one might expect from the exterior.  Quite cosy and friendly too. It’s location in the centre of town makes it convenient for people to pop in. Speaking of which, I must pop in again and take some more photos. To be continued…



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