Colour Testing

Who knew that making test tiles and mixing line tests would take sooooooo long?  Not to mention waiting for them to be fired. The pre-test tiles showed that 6% was the best test colour intensity for all but white (more needed) and black (less needed).  For these tests I concentrated line tests for red/yellow, blue/yellow, red/blue.  All were Wendy’s stains from ATC Colours, which performed the best in the pre-test, with the possible exception of yellow.  I thought I was using Dave’s engobe recipe for both sets of tests, but it turned out to be an amended recipe with more Borax frit 50:25:25. The round tiles below are pre-test tiles, pure stains.

Unfortunately, these tiles were put in a stoneware firing, so I can’t compare the yellows, as I’d intended.  Fortunately, however, it means I now know the stains are fine at stoneware temperatures.  And it’s shown that primary colours can be mixed to produce secondary colours – which was the purpose of the tests.


And I know I want a more vitreous finish than the engobe.  Dave suggests trying his dolomite glaze, and I’ve found a couple of satin glaze recipes to test.  I need to test these with pure stains, then redo the above tests, adding more variation between green/yellow, orange/yellow spectrum. Also, the purple is plummy.  Perhaps a more cyan primary might give a better colour?

I’ve made a gazillion test tiles – and lost a week with a bad back as consequence.  I MUST sort out my work station to more ergonomic.

I used up the leftover engobes to layer over my old biscuit fired pieces from the first projects:

The higher temperature made them almost glossy, and I rather liked the layered effect.


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