More Musings on the Direction of My Practice

A couple of weeks off has given me plenty of time to reflect on my earlier posts about my practice Find a Problem, Ask a Question and The Way Forward? Tempus Fugit.  Two funerals in the same period and another next Friday also have a way of focusing the attention.

Part of me says ‘go for the easy option’.  At my age I’m not going to become a professional ceramicist or a ‘name’ like Anna is.  With luck I’ll do a few ceramics classes for hobby potters, exhibit with the NPA and at local fairs, maybe get a few pieces in local galleries. My holey/lumpy pods are more than adequate.  Another 3-4 to iron out the issues, and I’m away. I have plenty of drawings on which to base a body of work, plus ideas to extend the concept.  I even have drawings of ideas for making related small pieces for sale. Why wouldn’t I do it?

Because if I wanted it, these things wouldn’t be just drawings.  I’ve hit a wall where making is concerned.   Making the 4 larger pieces was exciting and challenging because I didn’t know if they’d work or what I’d end up with – if anything.

So, I’m going to explore form, subverting the double bowl.  Form interests me more than making patterns and surface texture. I made a start doing a few pages of drawings based on random form-subversions, which was more difficult than I anticipated. Now to try some maquettes.


Of course, there is the problem that exploring form makes handbuilding more difficult. That’s more than a bit scary. Will I be able to do it? But there will be families of forms to practice method. I think I have to have to give it a go. Life’s too short to make pods decorated with holes when you really want to explore form. And there’s always holey pods to fall back on if it all goes pear shaped!





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