Hi from an enthusiastic Ceramicist-in-training.  I love to research, I love to create, I love to work in clay, so what could be better than studying an MA in Ceramics at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston?  I’m in the first year of the 2 year course, and this blog will record my journey, tracing the ups and downs as I learn along the way and develop my practice.


My blog is essentially a reflective learning tool for me, and a means of letting my tutors – David Binns, Wendy Lawrence, Anna Lambert – and fellow students know what I’m up to. But I doubt any of them will bother with this page. So, who are you, reader?

Perhaps you have a passion of pottery or sculpture?  Maybe you’re considering doing a degree yourself?  There will be plenty of interest – posts on gallery visits and exhibitions; methods, information and handy tips; reports on visiting artists and designers, pics and info about the ceramics, art and design I like, as well as my own work as it develops. I used to follow student blogs before taking the plunge myself, so if you’d like to look in, see how it’s going and tell me what you think, you’ll be very welcome.



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