Application for MA Ceramics

I’ve created this site in support of my application to study MA Ceramics at UCLan, Preston, to share and discuss my past work.  After a lengthy break while I cared for my mum in her final years,  I’m now ready to move forward and develop my ceramics practice.

I fell in love with clay 26 years ago on an Access course in the West Midlands, but I only have one piece of work from that period.  The rest were sold for college funds, including other castings of this piece.

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Access Course Sculptural Form: press moulded

Making the mould was interesting – it ended up being 12 piece – but it’s not much to blog about.

Following the Access course I’d intended to study a new degree in Social Art at Wolverhampton Uni.  Sadly, the new course had a few teething problems, one of which was totally inadequate facilities.   As a consequence, I changed course in the second year, graduating with a First in English in 1994.

From 2006-2009 I completed 6 modules of the Fine Art course at Bolton Uni. This was mainly for fun whilst working in kitchen/bathroom design and sales. I’ve included the final projects from the level 2 modules* to demonstrate my research skills and ability to develop an idea.

I’ve also included clay modelling work – the portraits I love to do and recent life modelling. This is an area I’d like to explore on the MA. I find the use of the body, identity and the spaces we inhabit very interesting.

My experience in ceramics isn’t extensive, but I hope I’ve demonstrated that I have skills I that can be developed and the intellectual ability both to undertake the course and to benefit from it.