Pictures for Like Dislike

Portuguese Plessy Ware 1880s

Plate with lizards and snake
Portuguese Plessy Ware 1880s


plate with lizards and snake
Portuguese Plessy Ware 1880s





Blue plate with snake, frogs, lizards and insects by Geoffrey Luff
Geoffrey Luff Palissy Ware





Raynham Lustreware Vases 1950s

pink lustre vase by Raynham
Raynham: Cornucopia Vase


Pink lustre vase by Raynham
Raynham Vase





Spaghetti Poodles 1950s




Ceramic poodle mother and two pups
Spaghetti Poodles by Lefton






Barnaby Barford: Does this mean we won’t be getting any presents?

ceramic tableau Father Christmas shot by hoodie boy with snowan and girl




still from film Damaged Goods
Spag Poos attack!



Halima Cassell: Arabesque

carved bowl form by Halima Cassell
Halima Cassell: Arabesque 2 views




detail of carved bowl



James Oughtibridge: Ivory Indented Form 2016

ivory ceramic sculpture
View 1


ivory ceramic sculpture
View 2