Michael Kukla: Considering Form

A Czeck artist living in USA, partly trained in London.  He carves and constructs a variety of media – stone, wood, Kinspan covered in plaster and painted:

Michael Kukla

His inspirations reads like a Plain English guide to Lucio Fontana:

Much of my work has to do with the mystery of space – of standing in front of a thing and trying to visualize what it would be like to enter it, go behind it; pass through it with our minds’ eye, as though it were a portal, and suddenly be able to enter a realm that isn’t limited by time or form.

He has studied geology, which clearly informs his work. I like the way some of his pieces have vestigial holes – depressions and concavities that lead in to the hole section.  This is something I could adapt to my work.  And the ply wood layers are lovely – maybe used layered clay to acheive a similar effect?

Dave suggested contrasting geometric form with the hole section, as both Kukla and Mari-Ruth Oda do:

Mari-Ruth Oda

It would certainly simplify things to base the basic form on the right angle.  And it might be one of the forms I choose.  In fact, it’s the perfect form to practice on.  Maybe the contrast between organic and geometric form would be interesting. I’ve already considered Mike-like combining the two in one piece.  Maybe try all 3 and evaluate the results (that’s assuming I figure out how to make them!)