My Practice: Links to Posts and Pages

Below are links to blog posts and pages about projects, methods, processes, tests, investigations, musings:

Plaster Disaster! Mould Making from the Plaster Pattern

Ideas for Connecting the Oval Forms (Modules)

Plaster Model and Mould: Learning a Traditional Process

Group Crit 1 12 2017 post and Group Crit 1 12 2017

Personal Review 24/11/2017

Carving  , new drawings, maquettes, exploring carving

Testing the Basic Form and researching ‘the object’

Considering Form The basic form – organic, geometric, a mixture of both?

Personal Review 2/10/2017

Testing Possible Methods of Handbuilding

Second Scheggi Maquette

Breakthrough! Pierced Maquette based on Scheggi

Tutorial with Dave 21-09-2017

30 Day Challenge Pt 3   30 Maquettes, the last leg

30 Day Challenge Pt 2  30 Maquettes exploring form before the 2nd year

30 Day Challenge Pt 1 30 Maquettes exploring form before the 2nd year

At Last! New maquettes based on double bowl form

More Musings – the focus of my practice 3

Colour Testing – mixing secondary colours from primary stains

The Way Forward – the focus of my practice 2

Find a Problem, Ask a Question – the focus of my practice 1

Tutorial with Dave

Personal Review 3

Small Scale Sculpture

Summary for Assessment May 18th 2017

Colour, Engobes and Surface Finish

Group Crit May 12th 2017

Personal Review 2

Experimenting with handbuilding Methods and the Sea Bean pot

Making a large mould

Glaze Tests 1 and Glaze Theory

Personal Review 1

Slab Building and press moulding Course

First Glaze Tests

Second Stone Pot

The Decision to Change to Abstract Sculptural Form

First Stone Pot and Research

Coiling Masterclass with Anna

Project 3

Raku Firing

Project 2

Project 1

First Hands-on Day