My Practice: Links to Posts and Pages

Below are links to blog posts and pages about projects, methods, processes, tests, investigations, musings and associated activities:

Glazing test pieces

Figure Drawing

Plaster Disaster! Mould Making from the Plaster Pattern

More Ideas for Connecting Ovals: Power Point

Ideas for Connecting the Oval Forms (Modules)

Plaster Model and Mould: Learning a Traditional Process

Group Crit 1 12 2017 post and Group Crit 1 12 2017

Personal Review 24/11/2017

Carving  , new drawings, maquettes, exploring carving

Testing the Basic Form and researching ‘the object’

Considering Form The basic form – organic, geometric, a mixture of both?

Personal Review 2/10/2017

Testing Possible Methods of Handbuilding

Second Scheggi Maquette

Breakthrough! Pierced Maquette based on Scheggi

Tutorial with Dave 21-09-2017

30 Day Challenge Pt 3   30 Maquettes, the last leg

30 Day Challenge Pt 2  30 Maquettes exploring form before the 2nd year

30 Day Challenge Pt 1 30 Maquettes exploring form before the 2nd year

At Last! New maquettes based on double bowl form

More Musings – the focus of my practice 3

Colour Testing – mixing secondary colours from primary stains

The Way Forward – the focus of my practice 2

Find a Problem, Ask a Question – the focus of my practice 1

Moving My Practice Forwards for Design Practice 2

Tutorial with Dave

Personal Review 3

Small Scale Sculpture

May Assessment:  Summary for Assessment May 18th 2017

Colour, Engobes and Surface Finish

Group Crit May 12th 2017

Personal Review 2

Experimenting with handbuilding Methods and the Sea Bean pot

Making a large mould

Glaze Tests 1 and Glaze Theory

Personal Review 1

Slab Building and press moulding Course

First Glaze Tests

Second Stone Pot

The Decision to Change to Abstract Sculptural Form

First Stone Pot and Research

Coiling Masterclass with Anna

Design Practice 1 Begins

Project 3

Raku Firing

Project 2

Project 1

First Hands-on Day