Summary for the Assessment 18th May 2017

During the assessment, Dave tried to open my Word linked documents on his laptop, but they took forever to load.  So, from now on, I’m making them pages to keep him happy.

Pam Gould:  Assessment 18th May 2017


The change to abstract sculptural form came as a surprise – but a good one. Luckily I was already booked on James Oughtibridge’s course a few days later.  The idea of creating an enclosed hollow form then cutting into it to insert or add sections was totally new to me – exciting and something I wanted to explore.


Form and Theme

Because of the concave honeycomb motif use in my double bowl form, Dave suggested I look at Rob Kesseler.   Subsequently, I decided to make Kesseler’s images the starting point for my sculptural forms.  Having made some exploratory drawings, I researched Kesseler, researched artists influenced by Kesseler, researched artists using the convex/concave honeycomb motifs.  Then I tested handbuilding methods based on the research results.  This, and the literature and contextual research, eliminated some of my early ideas.  However, I still had too many ideas, so I decided to start with two simple forms – the pod and the sphere – and test the Oughtibridge method of ‘insertion’. Drawings suggest this is a fruitful area, using the concave honeycomb motif.


Surface Finish

At last I’ve realized that engobes and stains will give the surface finish I’m looking for. I’ve ordered some stains – black white and the 3 primaries.  Ideally I’d like to mix my own colours. However, I’m not sure if, like paint, mixed colours are less vibrant.  I’ll do some bi/tri and quadraxial colour tests to establish a palette.



The body becomes important at this stage.  I know I like handbuilding with Ashraf Hanna, so I’ll do colour/glaze tests.   I also want to try black clays, and some less expensive clays (for exploratory pieces).   Conduct dual tests for both handbuliding and colour/glaze.



My large mould, made over an exercise ball, works well but It’s too heavy for me.  I’ve designed some flat-pack timber and fabric moulds, and I need help with making a prototype.  A project for the summer.



This depends on the outcome of colour and glaze tests, and the success of the pod and bean forms. I’m hoping to move on to adding sections to the basic forms.


Overall, I’m gaining confidence in my handbuilding skills, and I now have a focus for glaze testing.  I’m excited to see the outcome of colour mix tests. It’s early days, but I’m very happy about how things are going and the potential for development of my work