Wouter Dam

I was introduced to the work of Dutch ceramicist, Wouter Dam, by Eric Moss.

wouter dam working

Dam’s colours are lovely.  He used to apply dry oxides directly to the surface, but now uses stains, which he sprays on. He prefers a matte surface that accentuates the shadows of his curvaceous sculptural forms. It looks as if he uses white in all his colours to create tones. Difficult to tell from online images. I wonder how he mixes his colours?

He throws traditional pots and bands that he deconstructs and re-assembles when leather hard.  He uses swimming floats to support his work when wet, and constructs clay supports for firing:

His sculptures make subtle reference to classic forms, as well as Neolithic and iron-age pots, the human body, wooden boats and the crashing of the waves themselves, according to the Frank Lloyd Gallery.

His wave forms are of less interest to me than his intersecting pots:

They remind me of Tony Cragg’s intersecting vessels in his studio. A similar concern with inside/outside.